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Credit is scarce these days and anyone who has been to a Utah car dealer recently, has probably noticed a larger inventory than normal. Even though prices have fallen it’s very hard for people to obtain financing. It’s a double edge sword for a lot of Utah auto dealers as they are forced to drop their prices and are still not able to approve those who are interested in purchasing. The banks are panicking and there’s not a lot anyone can do

Searching online is the best way to find Utah car loans as there are a lot of independent sites that are doing what they can to push our economy in the right direction. People need cars but even with a good credit score they are being denied. These days you have to have a good income and a secure job to be walk into a Utah car dealer and get approved for a loan.

Those with bad credit can still get approved, but with a higher APR, (Annual Percentage Rate), than the market average. This will lead to higher monthly payments, but not that much where it will make the car unaffordable. Obviously, it means you will also be paying more but it’s worth it in the long run to not have a hefty car payment each month.

A Utah car dealership is typically the best place to go for a car and financing, but during an economic recession companies like Jump Start Approvals are a better solution. We tend to have a higher approval rating on auto loans than many Utah car dealers due to our strong relationships with lenders. We have a larger group of venders that will typically work with good and bad credit customers. If you’re serious about a car it’s in your best interest to visit a Utah car dealership that will have a large inventory to choose from. However, it is best to make sure you can get approved for an auto loan before finding a car that best suits your needs.

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